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Mission Honduras Trip 2017

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Mission Trip Information – 2019

Next Trip: Saturday May 30 – Saturday June 6

Flight Info TBD

Trip Costs:

  • $1,400 includes airfare, ground transportation, room and board (most meals)
  • $250 due at time of registration
  • Balance ($1,150) is due March 18th at first meeting. You can bring a check with you or you can pay online (click here.)
  • Additional expenses include:
    • $40 exit fee from Honduras
    • $150 spending money (approximately)
    • $120-$160 passport fee (if you do not have one)
    • The cost of vaccinations and medications (may vary) – see below (back to top)

Vaccinations and Medications InfoTALK TO YOUR OWN DOCTOR

  1. Hepatitis A Vaccinations
  2. Malaria Medication
  3. Typhoid Shot or pills
  4. Up to date Tetanus shot
    • Go to www.GlobalOutreachClinic.org for more information (back to top)


To obtain a passport for the first time, you need to go in person to a passport acceptance facility. The two closest are:

Brentwood Post Office: 8011 Brooks Chapel Rd. Brentwood, TN 37027
Franklin Post Office: 810 Oak Meadow Dr., Franklin, TN 37064

You MUST provide:

  1. Application for Passport, go to this website to start the application process: https://travel.state.gov/passport, you will be able to fill out the required form online and print it out.
  2. Proof of US citizenship
  3. Proof of identity
  4. 2 passport photos. You can get them at Costco, Kinko’s… NOTE: Please get an EXTRA photo so that we can bring one with us on the trip. In the UNLIKELY event you lose your passport while we are in Honduras, we will need this photo to get a new passport to return to the US.
  5. Payment for the applicable fee
    • Age 16 and older: $165 total ($140 passport application fee + $25 execution fee)
    • Under age 16: $120 total ($95 passport fee + $25 execution fee)

Make sure you go to the website to be sure of current pricing. Minors will need parental consent.

If you have a passport, be sure to CHECK YOUR EXPIRATION DATE. If it will expire before our trip stars or ends, you must renew it before we depart. Most airlines will NOT let you through security if your passport will expire within 6 months of the trip.

You will be required to provide a COLOR copy of the main page of your passport. Make sure that is uploaded to your application as soon as possible. We must use this to register each person with the US Embassy. (back to top)

If you have any questions or concerns you may email us. We will respond as swiftly as God will permit.

Have you submitted your application? If not, go here.

Packing List

Carry on Bag
Personal Medicines (bring extra just in case we get delayed for any reason)
Toiletries / sunscreen / toothbrush / hairbrush / facial wipes
1 Change of Clothes
Snacks / Bottle to fill with water after we get through security
No liquids over 3 oz; all liquid / gel toiletries in quart size zip lock bag
Earplugs (if you have problems with pressure / ear pain)
Spending Money (make sure you have $40 exit fee to return to the US)

In Suitcase
Tennis Shoes / Work Shoes
Flip-flops (for the shower)
Below the Knee skirt for the ladies (lightweight – slip over your shorts kind)
Long light weight Khaki Pants (1 pair) for the guys
Swimsuit (modest)
Work Gloves
Water Bottle to fill up at the mission and carry to the work site
Snacks (Peanut Butter, Granola Bars, Cheese Crackers, etc…)
Bug Repellant
Sports watch
Alarm Clock
Hanging Toiletry bag
Towel / Hair Towel
Bible / Rosary / Journal / Writing Paper / Pen
Rain Coat / Poncho
Extra passport photo + phone numbers / account numbers for any credit cards you bring with you…just in case you loose either your Passport or your wallet while we are gone.

Suitcases must not weigh more than 50 lbs!!!


Do you want to put YOUR faith into action?
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2019 Team Meeting Dates (all are Sundays from 4:00 – 5:30pm at Holy Family Room 111) dates TBA

If you are bringing a check, please make it out to: HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC CHURCH and make sure you put Mission Honduras in the memo line so they know where you money should be applied.)

If you are paying online, simply go our payment page. (CLICK HERE!)

What Putting My Faith Into Action Means To Me

“This mission trip has formulated who I am today and it’s very safe to say that Honduras has my heart. It’s a week that you get to leave everything else behind and simply just be. To be still, to live with absolutely no distractions”

– Angelle Hayes

What Putting My Faith Into Action Means To Me

My favorite part was that I was able to not only help those who really needed it by giving them the means to have clean water and build lifelong relationships, but I myself was also able to grow in my faith life and service life.

– Emily Spychalski