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HFCC Mission Trips

Missionary work is love without limits – Pope Francis


Each year in June, Mission Honduras of Holy Family Catholic Church sends a team of parishioners on a mission trip.  Due to travel restrictions we were not able to travel to Honduras from 2019 – 2021, however we will update the website as soon as we have details on future mission trips.  Mission trips are truly God’s way of showing a path to put our faith into action which is a hallmark for Catholicism.

Here are some details about the mission trips we have taken. 

Types of projects we have completed & assisted with on mission trips:

Installing water filtration systems
Repairing roofs and bathrooms in schools
Providing clothing to Hondurans in remote villages
Assisting churches with the installation of floors and roofing
Construction of classrooms and a cafeteria
Painting and cleaning school buildings in remote villages

Ways in which faith and spirituality are reinforced on the mission trips:

Morning prayer is part or our daily routine, mission team members gather before our work begins for 20 minutes of prayer.

On Sunday we find a local parish where we can attend Mass. Attending a Mass in Spanish with the Honduran community is truly a celebration, and great experience.

Each evening the mission team gathers for daily reflection and prayer. This 30-45 minutes together each evening gives mission team members time to reflect, share stories about the day, and pray.

On the majority of our mission trips, we have also offered optional weekly mass, opportunities to visit a convent, or praying the rosary with members of the local community.

Logistics of the mission trip:

o The trip is normally 7-10 days.
o We fly through Miami, Atlanta or Houston to get to Honduras.
o Flights, transportation in Honduras, security, meals, and a place to stay are included in the cost of the trip.
o Mission team members pay $1,400 – $1,500 to go on the trip.
o The trip normally takes place at the beginning of June.
o Mission team members will meet about 4 times prior to the trip in order to discuss logistics and ask questions
o We usually incorporate a local excursion, shopping in the town square, and some local dining into the mission trip.


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What Putting My Faith Into Action Means To Me

“This mission trip has formulated who I am today and it’s very safe to say that Honduras has my heart. It’s a week that you get to leave everything else behind and simply just be. To be still, to live with absolutely no distractions”

– Angelle Hayes

What Putting My Faith Into Action Means To Me

My favorite part was that I was able to not only help those who really needed it by giving them the means to have clean water and build lifelong relationships, but I myself was also able to grow in my faith life and service life.

– Emily Spychalski