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The non-profit that we have partnered with in Honduras, Olancho Aid Foundation Inc., operates four schools. Sponsoring a student at one of these schools impacts not only that student, but their family, and ultimately the community of Olancho as a whole.

Why Sponsor a Student? There is no better way to fight poverty than to educate.

Have you ever donated to a non-profit, but never really knew how your money was used to make an impact? When you sponsor a student, you receive monthly updates about Olancho Aid schools and your student specifically. Sponsorships are relationships; you can be a part of a child’s life and watch her grow from kindergarten to high school graduation. Many Holy Family mission team members are sponsors and get to visit their students when they travel to Honduras.

Sponsorships allow Olancho Aid Foundation to provide high quality education to children who are most in need. A team of Honduran employees and North American volunteers come together to offer education, hope, and transformation.

Who to Sponsor

We support four schools in Juticalpa, Honduras and sponsorship opportunities are available to support students at each school.

Estefany is 8 years old, she lives with her parents and 2 siblings. Estefany lost her vision after an accident that led to nerve damage and blindness. In 2016, she enrolled at Escuelita Nazareth, a school for students with special needs such as autism, hearing and visual impairment, cognitive and developmental issues and Down syndrome. Before Nazareth, Estefany was dependent on her family members for practically every need. Little by little she is becoming more independent through the support of her teachers. She is now able to navigate the school almost all by herself. No other school in the community can support a student like Estefany or the 65 other children and young adults who consider Nazareth a safe haven. You can show compassion to a student like Estefany by providing a scholarship at Escuelita Nazareth.

Yeltsin is a young man who comes from a small village near Juticalpa called La Puerta. He had his arm amputated due to a disease that also caused heart damage. With the help of a compassionate Bishop, Yeltsin was able to visit the US for surgery. A community of people he met during his stay in the States decided to provide a scholarship for Yeltsin and his twin sister. Yeltsin enrolled in school 5 years ago. He now studies at Instituto Oscar Cardenal Rodriguez, a Catholic monolingual college preparatory school, that boasts the highest college entry exam scores in the entire state of Olancho. Yeltsin’s sponsors still invest in his education and embody the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty, one child at a time. You can give a teen a life changing gift by supporting their high school education.

Ana has attended Centro Escolar Santa Clara, our Catholic bilingual elementary school, since she was 4. At first her family was able to pay for tuition. A few years later, Ana’s mother found herself on her own to provide for her two children. Though she could not afford for Ana to continue at the school, she dreamed that this little girl would have the opportunity to study in order to have a better life. A sponsor made this dream a reality. Ana’s mother works hard to put food on her table. You can feel her stress when you speak with her, but it all melts away when she speaks proudly about Ana’s good grades and her ability to speak English with no fear. You can give hope to a family who needs it most by providing a scholarship for their education.

Sandra was introduced to Olancho Aid in 2008. She enrolled in first grade at Centro Escolar Santa Clara. She lived in house with a dirt floor on property that her family didn’t own. Her mother was always afraid of living in such an unsafe area. Through a beautiful relationship with her sponsors, Sandra has been given opportunities she never could have imagined. She is now a student at Instituto Bilingue Santa Clara, the Catholic bilingual high school. As an 8th grader, Sandra has already completed more years of schooling than her parents. Help a student like Sandra to beat the odds through a scholarship to study in high school.

How to Sponsor?

While Olancho Aid requests a minimum one-year commitment, it is our hope that the sponsor, if able, will continue to support a child’s education for the duration of their schooling. Suggested amounts are:

$25/month for transportation
$40/month for school supplies
$50/month for school supplies for a special needs student
$90/month for elementary school tuition
$115/month for high school tuition
$150/month for special needs school tuition
$155/month for a full elementary school scholarship
$225/month for a full special needs school scholarship

Once you have registered by making your donation, you will be contacted by Wendy Varela from Olancho Aid to pair you with a child in need. You can also contact her in advance if you’d like to be paired with a student before making your donation. Sponsorship donations online must be set up as a recurring transaction. Contact Wendy for information if you prefer to donate via check. Her email is scholarships@olanchoaid.org

If you would like to know more about the other schools click here.


We are always looking for help. Consider sponsoring a child’s education.

What Education Means To Me

“In a nation where literacy is a privilege and opportunity appears to be hundreds of miles away, it was inspiring to see opportunities unfold for students because of the education programs. ”

– Jessica S